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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy
If you need to return an item, please contact us through e-mail at
Shipping is based on a set delivery charge for domestic and international orders.
Within the US it is set at $14.00. International prices range and are shipped as first class.
Allow us 3-6 weeks in the case we don't have your selected print in stock. Once shipped you will be notified via email from USPS containing all your tracking and/or customs information. We appreciate your patience.
Please always double check your shipping address to make sure it is all correct. Let us know immediately if something needs to be corrected or changed.
When purchasing you are agreeing to our shipping method, estimated shipping times and you accept that we are not responsible for any delays caused after the package has already been shipped.
**If you are shipping internationally, be prepared for extra fees and delays
 Our international shipping charges do not include the destination country’s duty, tax or customs fees. If applicable, these will be assessed upon delivery. We cannot and will not falsely report on an item’s value to help you avoid these fees.
Estimated delivery times are not guarantees and items will sometimes get tied up in customs for weeks.
 Damaged or Lost 
Please contact us immediately about lost or damaged items.
Keep all original packing materials as they may be needed for insurance investigation purposes. Email to let us know about any damage ASAP. Please include pictures. We will not be responsible for damages if you contact us after 30 days of it's delivery.
Please be careful when unpacking your order. We are not responsible for damage occurring during the unpacking of the package.